04 Oct

Breaker! Breaker!

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Hey there Tracksters!  It’s been awhile, and you may have been wondering about my 20 (trucker slang for location).  Well, I’ve been hunkered down with a little ankle-biter (more trucker-speak) and working hard at my new gig as a music supervisor.  It took a special kind of day to inspire a new testimony, and that is today, 10-4, National Trucker’s Day!  I’m going to let the songs speak for themselves, but here is some CB lingo to throw around:

Alligator: Blown tire

Shake the Bushes: Speed ahead to flush out the Bears, aka cops.

Taking Pictures: Cop with a radar gun.

Big Slab: Interstate highway

Shaky-Town: Los Angeles

Beaver-Fever: When you miss your GF or wife. Awwww.

Enjoy these 4 trucking songs and if you are so inclined, check out the film I just worked on The Monkey’s Paw, in limited theatrical release and on demand!


4TT, over and out!


Convoy, CW McCall (1975)


Eastbound and Down, Jerry Reed (1977)


I’ve Been Everywhere, Johnny Cash (1966)


Bud the Spud, Stompin’ Tom Connors (1969)



And…just in case you feel like having your own mother truckin’ film festival, here is IMDb’s list of the best 25 trucking movies/TV shows!



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