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21 Jun

A Totally 90’s Summer Playlist

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Maybe it was the “My So Called Life” marathon I watched while folding an Everest-sized pile of laundry, but lately I have been compelled to turn the musical dial back in time to the 90’s.  As a member of the graduating class of ’96, I landed smack in the middle of the flannel and overall-wearing, swing dancing revival and what I consider to be the Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

The disturbing reality is that the 90’s were much longer ago than I’d like to think.  I keep getting older, but the 90’s seem to perpetually be only a mere 10 years ago, give or take.  Join me on this journey to relive my youth on this first day of summer with a Totally 90’s Summer Playlist, or what KROQ refers to as their “Flashback Lunch.” (Ouch.)

Since 4TT has been absent for so many weeks, I broke my self-imposed rules and have brought you a bonus 5th track today…Enjoy!

I Wish, Skee-Lo (1995)

Hip-Hop and barbecuing are an unrivaled pair, like Cheerios and bananas or gin and juice. These freshy-fresh rhymes are for the dreamers out there…

Surf  Wax America, Weezer (1994)

Weezer was a summertime staple on the way to the beach in my boyfriend’s VW bus, longboards in the back.  Ya, I thought I was pretty hot shit, but that’s the fun of being 16. “Surf Wax America” is defiant, catchy and loud; a musical teenage trifecta. The Blue Album basically played non-stop for the entirety of ’95 on any speaker I could find. 

Santa Monica, Everclear (1995)

I played the crap out of this cassette, rolling around in my Nissan Z, t-tops down…again, feeling like hot shit. I never hung out in Santa Monica, but the escapism in the lyrics worked just as well on the beaches of South Orange County.

Dance Wid Me, Hepcat (1993)

Swing music wasn’t the only genre that enjoyed a comeback in the 90’s, Ska came back full force too. I first discovered Ska while admiring really cute boy who had a raging six-pack and was into the Ska scene.  He wore a blazer and a skinny black tie to school everyday.  Naturally, I became ska-obsessed as well. This strategy did not pay off with a date, but I did learn about bands like the Hepcats, who’s old school Ska purism is perfect for summer.

Santeria, Sublime (1997)

A 90’s summer isn’t complete with out a little Sublime.  Interesting/disturbing personal connection: during the Dot Com boom/housing crunch circa 2000 in SF, I spent a week living in a motel on Ocean Beach.  It was the very same motel where lead singer Bradley Nowell was found dead of a drug overdose.  I discovered this fact several years later after watching a VH1 Behind the Music. Will rock stars ever learn?

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