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05 Apr

Best Beards in the Business

All trends are cyclical, and beards are no different. From Vikings to hippies to indie rockers, beards have been around the block a few times. With Jerry Garcia,  all of the Beatles at one time or another, CCR and so many others, this was a much harder topic to pair down than I initially anticipated.  I feel I have well represented beards across both time and genre, but what do you think?  I may also have to visit the natural spin-off to this topic in a future week: Moustachioed Music. 

Here are your four Best Beards in the Business, organized by beard length…enjoy!

You Are the Best Thing, Ray LaMontagne (2008)

I am in indie-beard heaven with this guy.  That grovely voice is so good, and the way he can mix soul and folk with the occasional country/bluegrass sound?  Delightful.

Piano Concerto No. 2 in G minor, Op. 22, Camille Saint-Saens (1868)

The second longest beard on this list, but my favorite bearded classical composer overall.  His Piano Concerto No. 2 is dark and haunting, and beautifully heartbreaking. Sorry about the ad at the beginning of the video, I try to avoid that sort of thing, but this recording is a very old and rare, featuring Saint-Saens-a virtuoso himsself-playing the piece.

Shaved Off His Beard, The Beards (2012)

These guys are the Tenacious D of beards.  They have three albums in which every single song is about beards-they are serious about thier facial hair and have some pretty strong opinions about men without beards as well.  They also have some really strong opinions about Kings of Leon, listen up at the 2:26 mark of “Shaved Off His Beard.”  I feel obligated to point out the dude on the left and his total dedication to his tambourine playing.  As a recent tambourine enthusiast, I can totally get behind it.     The take home message from this song though:  beards make you invincible.  Beards!

La Grange, ZZ Top (1973)

ZZ Top has the best beards in the business, no contest.  While this video doesn’t have the best sound quality going for it, what it does have is excellent footage of said beards billowing in the breeze.  I can sum up ZZ Top in four “B” words: beards, blues, broads, and boozin’.  They are a southern rock classic.

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