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02 Mar

Music & Espionage

Today’s Testimony features songs inspyred by secret agents on the big screen.  There is a very specific type of music associated with spy movies.  The best spy themes have a smoldering tension to them, a sneaky charm if you will, not unlike the Spy of Spies, James Bond (Sean Connery’s portrayal, of course).  Here are four tunes that draw from, or were used in spy movies.  Enjoy!

My Mind Set Me Free Pt. 1, House Guests (1971)

Can you dig it!?  Your “Mission: Impossible”, should you choose to accept it, is to not get The Nods while listening to this song.  In my ever expanding quest for Soul music I found this gem, and if my mind hadn’t been blown, I suppose it would have been set free.

James Bond Theme, Skatalites (1998)

Ska and spy movie music wouldn’t have been something I thought would mix all, but that would make me wrong.  The Skatalites add their own jazzy touch to the James Bond Theme, horns and all.

 Soul Bossa Nova, Quincy Jones and his Orchestra (1962)

I tried watching a James Bond movie once and realized early on that I was not in the targeted dempgraphic.  Rather, I watched my then-boyfriend practically drool in front of the screen, wishing to be everything that Bond was.  Gross.  Austin Powers, though, I can get with that.  A goofy comedy with an equally silly theme song is right up my alley.

Millennium, Robbie Williams (1998)

My favorite boy band reject (he was fired, more or less, from Take That) samples “You Only Live Twice,” from the 007 film of the same name.  “Millennium” is a little showy and tries a little too hard, but I’ve also just defined Robbie Williams, basically.  I dig this song; it’s catchy and goes to show that a well chosen sample coupled with a distinctive and timely hook works every time. 


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