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06 Oct

Stormy Weather

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Not to get all poetic, but as I listened to the sound of the first rainstorm of the season, I realized that the soft percussive droll created a good background for certain songs.  Some people snuggle up with a book, I get cozy with music instead.  Here are the 4 songs that were at the top of my list during this week’s rainstorm.  Enjoy! 

My Night with the Prostitute from Marseilles, Beirut (2009)

Little electronic notes dropped down from a synthesizer and Zach Condon’s unique voice pair wonderfully with the sound of the rain outside.  “My Night with the Prostitute from Marseilles” brings to mind images of a rainy night in the city and the way the lights twinkle against the window pane.  I don’t know much about prostitutes from Marseilles, but they must be alright to inspire such a lovely song. 
My Night With The Prostitute – Beirut by portixol

Two Weeks, Grizzly Bear (2009)

Another opening that mimics the repetitive sound of raindrops.  The sound of a piano is particularly adept at that.  You even get some breezy sounding back-up vocals to add to the stormy ambiance.  I’ll be honest, I don’t really know the lyrics to this song, or what it’s about really, I just like the way it fills up my ears.           
Two Weeks by grizzlybearband

Wake Up, Luke Janela (2011)

Stormy weather and a dramatic cello quartet?  Yes, please!  I have been hearing cellos pop up in records here and there by bands like Vampire Weekend, but using the cello as the featured instrument is a bold move that I am totally on board with.  Interestingly enough, “Wake Up,” along with others on Luke’s album Tomorrow Was, is a classical re-arrangement of one of his rock songs.  Luke plays with the genres of classical and rock, using one as the inspiration for the other, long believing that a classical song could sound really amazing with some drums and bass thrown into the mix.  The challenge with “Wake Up” was to see if his rock songs were complex enough to be put into a more classical structure.  I’m going with an emphatic “yes” on that one.     

  Wake Up – Cello Quartet by Luke Janela

Natural High, Bloodstone, (1973)

When a rainy day turns into a rainy night, it’s time to light some candles and do some snuggling.  I’m gonna put myself out there and declare this as the best make-out song ever written.  On the surface it may seem a little schmaltzy, but give it a chance.  Let the sweet falsetto thrill you with all it’s charms.  And the back-up vocals?  Well, some songs have a magical, perfect moment, and “Natural High’s” is at the 3:37 mark.  Start at the 3:40 spot to get the build-up, then listen for the “loving, loving youuuu.”  I feel like the whole song is for that one moment, expertly executed by the buttery voices of Bloodstone.    Whoever arranged this song new exactly what they were doing.  Sorry about the link, but I really wanted to play you this version of the song, and directing you to myspace was the only place I could find to share it from. 
Natural High (Single Version)

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